Program Overview

The program's objective is to help students be well-versed with a broad range of topics in the field of Science and possess the ability to apply scientific methods in solving problems. The program curriculum will help the learners to utilize the cross-disciplinary research materials and become competent to investigate, integrate science-related issues, and their socio-economic implications. The aim is to develop skilled graduates working productively in global corporate set up or individually with a comprehensive understanding of the major scientific issues in modern society.

Program Curriculum

Semester I
  • Language (Kan/ Hin / San / Add. Eng)
  • English
  • Physics- 1 Mechanics and Properties of Matter
  • Mathematics - I
  • Mathematics - II
  • Computer Science - 1 Digital Fundamentals and Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Semester II
  • Language (Kan/ Hin / San / Add. Eng)
  • English
  • Physics-2 Thermal and Statistical Physics and Acoustics
  • Mathematics - III
  • Mathematics - IV
  • Computer Science - 2 Data Structures
  • Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) - 1 Indian constitution
Semester III
  • Physics- 3 Optics, Electricity & Magnetism
  • Mathematics - V
  • Mathematics - VI
  • Generic Elective (Ge)
    Computer Science - 3 Java Programming
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-1 Communicative English
Semester IV
  • Physics-4 Elements of Modern Physics
  • Mathematics-VII
  • Mathematics-VIII
  • Computer Science- 4 Operating System and Unix
  • Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-2 Environment Studies
Semester V
  • Elements of Entrepreneurship
    Elements of Entrepreneurship Lab
    Elements of Chemistry
    Elements of Chemistry - Lab
  • Generic Elective (Ge) – 2
    Human Resource Management & Organizational Behaviour
    Herbal Wealth & Healing
    Herbal Wealth & Healing – Lab
  • Skill Enhancement Course (Sec) – 2
    Basic Electronics & Instrumentation Skills
    Basic Electronics & Instrumentation Skills - Lab
    Services Marketing
    Basic Statistics
    Basic Statistics - Lab
  • Skill Enhancement Course (Sec) – 3
    Renewable Energy and Energy Harvesting
    Renewable Energy and Energy Harvesting - Lab
    Software Engineering & Testing
    Software Engineering & Testing - Lab
  • Skill Enhancement Course (Sec) – 4
    Mathematical Modeling
    Mathematical Modeling - Lab
    Programming in Android
    Programming in Android - Lab
Semester VI
  • Physics - 6
  • Physics – Lab 6
  • Mathematics IX
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Science – Lab 6
  • Generic Elective(Ge)- 3
    Inference Theory
    Inference Theory – Lab
    Document Analysis
    Document Analysis - Lab
  • Physics
    Astro Physics and Solar Physics
    Materials Science
    Analog and Digital Electronics
    Nuclear Physics
  • Computer Science
    Data Mining
    System Programming
    Computer Networks
    Relational Database Management System
    Computer Graphics
    Project Work/ Dissertation
  • Mathematics IX
    Mathematics X

    Linear and Multiple Integrals, Integral Theorem
    Ring Theory, Partial Differential Equation and Differential Calculus of Two Variables
    Geometry of Space Curves, Vector Differential
    Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis Calculus and Improper Integrals
    Particle Dynamics and Calculus of Variation
    Discrete Mathematics, Boolean Algebra
    Theory of Equations, Transportation and Game Theory

Course Eligibility

Candidates must have qualified 10+2 examination or equivalent from any recognized Central or State Board. A course recognized as equivalent thereto by the University, desirably with the relevant or related subjects of study is also eligible.